Phoenix Open

By far the most rowdy golf tournament in the world, the Phoenix Open is home to exciting golf and spectacular entertainment. From executive suites that cost tens of thousands of dollars, to the average spectator, the Phoenix Open has a little something for everyone. I went to this event when I was 22 years old and didn’t care one bit about golf and still had an amazing time. The reason I went was for the Birds Nest party area. This infamous tent feature limitless drinks, world class DJ’s, beautiful people, and some of the best food in the greater Phoenix area which was plenty reason enough for me to check this event out. Now, I’m almost 30 and golf has become a big part of my life and I no longer go to this tournament to party hard, I go to actually enjoy the game and watch these world class athletes compete on the big stage.

I attended the Phoenix Open again last year for my second time and had an absolute blast. The day started off by hitting the beer stand (yes, I still party but not quite as hard as I did in my early 20’s), getting some great food, than following around Rickie Fowler for the day. Rickie is one of the sports rising super stars that boasts the most fashionable clothes on tour. It’s not hard to pick Rickie out of a crowd, and it was awesome to be able to see how this guy plays the game of golf. Following these players around really gives you great insight on course management and the ferocious power these guys hardness into their golf swings. I couldn’t believe when this kid that’s about 5’7” and 140 pounds, smashed the ball about 320 yards for the longest drive of the day.
Corporations, especially ones based in the Phoenix area, love to hook their employees and business partners up with the suites that are available on the 16th hold. After contacting one of the tournament coordinators, I soon realized that these suites can easily cost up to $10,000 for one day! Usually, these suites will fit about 20 people in them and come with unlimited drinks and food. It would be really hard for 20 people to eat and drink 10K worth of stuff, so needless to say these suites are extremely profitable for the PGA. I haven’t been to a lot of golf tournaments, but from what I’ve heard on ESPN and in the news, there isn’t a golf tournament that comes close to the Phoenix Open when it comes to energy and excitement. If you’ve never been to the Phoenix Open, I strongly recommend it.

Arizona Cardinals Football

The Arizona Cardinals football team has been making moves in the NFL for quite a few years now. The Cardinals haven’t won the Super Bowl in over 10 years but that doesn’t mean they aren’t building a dominant football team that can soon end their Super Bowl drought. So far, in the 2016 off season, the Cardinals haven’t made any franchise moves, meaning they haven’t made any trades or picked up any players that will make or break their football team. The Cardinals have been focusing their efforts and energy on acquiring off field talent, much like the Diamondbacks. The Cardinals have also picked up a sports psychologist and they are hopeful this will help the players with the mental side of the game when everything’s on the line. The Cardinals had some great opportunities that they did not capitalize on last season so the staff is hoping the addition of the psychologist will help them turn last years failures into success. Another key pickup the team made was getting a new athletic director. The Cardinals received some criticism last year about their training programs and felt like they weren’t pushing their players hard enough. Between the psychologist and stricter training regimens, the Cardinals are setting themselves up to have a great 2016 and 2017 season. But what else could they do that would better their chances?
The Cardinals need to take a long hard look at their offensive lineup. They have a solid running back and of course an all star receiver in Larry Fitzgerald, but their offensive line has been holding them back. Their center had 3 fumbles last year which cost them dearly in some critical games. There are a few centers that will be on the market this year and they need to do whatever they can to get themselves an all-star center. Another key position they should consider filling is their tight end. Now, they don’t need a J.J. Watt type player, just someone that can block better than their current player. They also need a tight end that can run deep routes and has good hands. The way their offense is setup would be perfect for a player that has these traits. The final thing this team needs to take a hard look at is their defensive backs. Last season, Antoine David had 3 picks at the free safety position, but also gave up 15 touchdowns. This ratio might seem good to the outsider looking in, but the top defensive back in the league had 15 interceptions and only gave up 10 touchdowns. This small statistic could have easily made the difference in winning 5 games that were extremely close that the team wound up losing. If the Cardinals pay close attention to the advice in this article they could very well craft a Super Bowl winning team in 2017. For more sports ideas, check out our post about golf here! Please contact us with any input you have on the upcoming year for the Arizona Cardinals football team!

Why Arizona sports are the best

Sports in Arizona has been lacking excitement for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean the sports scene out here is lacking in any way. We have exciting baseball, basketball, hockey, and of course football teams, to meet the sports needs of any fanatic living in the sunny state of Arizona. In this day and age it takes more than just a few stadiums and franchises to really build a sports town, so what sets Arizona apart from the others?

Lets start off with spring training. Spring training is a chance for baseball fans to get an up close and personal look at their favorite teams and get to know some of their favorite players. The spring training facilities in Arizona are some of the best in the country. We are home to 12 baseball teams spring training camps and have the nicest weather in the country for spring training, hands down. We attract 100’s of thousands of baseball fans from around the country, and even around the world, every spring. Tourism has been down in Arizona in general but baseball helps us even out those numbers.

Some of most notable stadiums that have popped up over the years are the Cubs and the Giants spring training facilities. The Cubs build a replica of Wrigley Field in Mesa, Arizona, and have been selling out for the past 3 years since opening. I’ve been able to attend a few spring training games at this facility and can personally vouch for it being one of the top spring training stadiums in the country. One of my favorite things about this stadium is the law section. Some stadiums lack these “chill” areas and choose to mostly implement stadium seating into their facilities. The Cubs took the lawn seat idea and ran with it creating an ideal atmosphere to enjoy a day at the ball park. The San Francisco Giants have a really cool stadium tucked right in the middle of Old Town Scottsdale that makes for an awesome experience. The Giants, like the Cubs, took the lawn seat idea and ran with it. The bets part about both of these stadiums is that they don’t charge an arm and a leg for tickets so sports fans of all income levels can enjoy the facilities.

Spring training isn’t the only thing that makes Arizona such a great sports state. The college teams that we bring to the table, along with spring training, and also some championship caliber teams (especially for baseball and football) keep the Arizona fans interested in their teams. We might not have won a championship in quite some time but that doesn’t leave us fans hopeful for the future. Aside from watching sports teams, Arizona is also full of year round golf, softball, bowling, and pretty much any other recreational sport you can think of. Whether you’re a fan or an athlete, Arizona has a little something for everyone. This post was brought to you by .arizona sports teams