Recreational Golf Games in Phoenix

Golfing is one of America’s favorite past times. I think it officially over took baseball since Tiger Woods started making golf cool. Luckily for us Arizona residents, there are hundreds and hundreds of golf courses to choose from when we want to get out there and play. Phoenix is home to some of the most exclusive golf courses in the country but the good news is for us lower budget folks, there’s plenty of options for around $30. I wanted to take the time to review a few of my favorite golf courses in Phoenix. I’ll cover a few that are really low priced and beautiful, to some of the more exclusive and expensive courses out there.

After living in Scottsdale, Arizona for 4 years, I got to know the local golf courses pretty well. One of my favorite courses is Continental. Continental is a short golf course (par 60 to be exact) but boasts some par 4’s where you can bust your driver out, which is always fun! Last time I played Continental, it was on a Sunday. Now, I hate Sunday golf just as much as the next person because of the slow pace, but for $25, I thought it was well worth it to play this course. The good news is that the people in front of us were playing quickly enough that we didn’t have to wait very much. One pitfall with this course is that there’s no Marshall driving around to speed players up so if you do get stuck behind someone that takes forever, you’re shit outta’ luck.

About 20 minutes north of Continental, is the Camelback Golf Course in Paradise Valley. There are 2 courses located here, Padre and Ambiente. Padre is a shorter course with scenic landscapes all around. Ambiente is the prettier of the 2 courses but it plays really long, and really tough. There are tons of desert bushes around this course so if you miss to the left or right, you’re probably going to have to take a drop which makes this course really challenging. You can get some great discounts during the summer for around $30 per round but during season you’re more likely to pay around $79 minimum all the way up to $149.

Lookout Mountain is one of my favorite courses but also one of the hardest. This is an extremely tight course weaved up and around the desert mountains. Some holes have 300 foot drop offs which is quite exciting and also very challenging. I played this course last Sunday for $31 which I thought was a steal and I would gladly pay again. We’d love to hear from you golfers out there, so please tell us about your favorite courses here. To learn more about our team of sports fanatics you can click here to get to know us better. We hope you enjoy our sports blog, thank you for reading.

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