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AZ diamondbacksThe Diamondbacks are toughing it out in the National League division. They are a few games behind first place right now and show no signs of letting up on the competition. Their acquisitions of strong pitching and some clutch hitting have blended together to make a championship caliber team and all of us in Arizona are excited to see if we make the playoffs this year. On top of getting some stellar talent on the field, the Arizona Diamondbacks have been making moves off the field also. Some of the most notable off field moves have been the acquisition of a top notch hitting instructor and a psychology coach to help the players with their mental performances. So what do the Diamondbacks need to do to make the 2016 playoffs?

We’ve covered the fact that talent is not lacking on this team. Working together as a team however has been a bit of a challenge this season. When it comes to fielding, you can tell the pitching staff gets upset on the mound when their players make an error. According to ESPN.com, the D’Backs have one of the highest error percentages in the league. As a former baseball player, pitcher to be specific, I can vouch for how frustrating it can be when you’re making great pitches but your defense fails you out on the field. The key that all great pitching staffs have in common is that they don’t get upset. You have to have a short memory in this game to really succeed and when you get down and visually upset on the mound, it kind of sets the tone for the rest of the team. In baseball, when your teammate makes a mistake, you’ve got to pick them up! You can’t mope around on the mount, you have to get right back into focusing on the next pitch. If the Diamondbacks can learn how to deal with their frustrations and work better as a team, they might have a great chance at making the playoffs. The fans in Arizona are very loyal to their team and want them to succeed. If the players can grasp this and roll with that energy and pick up some momentum, they very well could become unstoppable.

My predictions for the Diamondbacks this season are that they will make the playoffs but will lose in the second round. I know you die hard baseball fans living in Arizona are not going to want to hear this… but it’s how I feel. I hope they prove me wrong and end up with a championship, but we’ll have to see how it goes. To comment on how you think the Diamondbacks are going to do this year, please contact us here. If you like to play golf when you’re not watching baseball, we just covered an awesome story about recreational golf┬áin the Phoenix metro area, so be sure to check that out. In the meantime, us Arizona sports writers hope you have a great day and enjoy some sports in the desert.

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