Phoenix Open

By far the most rowdy golf tournament in the world, the Phoenix Open is home to exciting golf and spectacular entertainment. From executive suites that cost tens of thousands of dollars, to the average spectator, the Phoenix Open has a little something for everyone. I went to this event when I was 22 years old and didn’t care one bit about golf and still had an amazing time. The reason I went was for the Birds Nest party area. This infamous tent feature limitless drinks, world class DJ’s, beautiful people, and some of the best food in the greater Phoenix area which was plenty reason enough for me to check this event out. Now, I’m almost 30 and golf has become a big part of my life and I no longer go to this tournament to party hard, I go to actually enjoy the game and watch these world class athletes compete on the big stage.

I attended the Phoenix Open again last year for my second time and had an absolute blast. The day started off by hitting the beer stand (yes, I still party but not quite as hard as I did in my early 20’s), getting some great food, than following around Rickie Fowler for the day. Rickie is one of the sports rising super stars that boasts the most fashionable clothes on tour. It’s not hard to pick Rickie out of a crowd, and it was awesome to be able to see how this guy plays the game of golf. Following these players around really gives you great insight on course management and the ferocious power these guys hardness into their golf swings. I couldn’t believe when this kid that’s about 5’7” and 140 pounds, smashed the ball about 320 yards for the longest drive of the day.
Corporations, especially ones based in the Phoenix area, love to hook their employees and business partners up with the suites that are available on the 16th hold. After contacting one of the tournament coordinators, I soon realized that these suites can easily cost up to $10,000 for one day! Usually, these suites will fit about 20 people in them and come with unlimited drinks and food. It would be really hard for 20 people to eat and drink 10K worth of stuff, so needless to say these suites are extremely profitable for the PGA. I haven’t been to a lot of golf tournaments, but from what I’ve heard on ESPN and in the news, there isn’t a golf tournament that comes close to the Phoenix Open when it comes to energy and excitement. If you’ve never been to the Phoenix Open, I strongly recommend it.

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